Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Is UPQ Insured?

Yes. We have $5,000,000.00 Professional Indemnity Insurance. Certificates can be provided on request.

Do I even need Council Approval?

Proposals for the change of use of land, the construction of new structures and substantial alterations or additions to buildings will, in the majority of instances, require a planning application.

Will my development application be approved by Council?

We will assess your proposal against current legislation and advise as to how likely Council are to approve your development.

How long until Council make a decision?

Council's are bound by State legislation to make decisions within particular timeframes. As a guide Code Assessable development applications should take between 2-3 months and Impact Assessable development applications should take between 4-6 months. Shorter timeframes are applicable to alternate assessment types such as the RiskSMART and Limited Code applications offered by Brisbane City Council.

Are other consultant reports necessary?

Sometimes. UPQ will review your proposal and advise if additional consultant reports are required. UPQ project manage consultant teams as part of the development application process.

How much will the process cost?

UPQ fees are affordable, however there are a number of associated costs which you should be aware of. Additional fees that should be considered are surveyor fees, architectural fees and Council fees. Larger or difficult projects may involve engineering fees and landscaping fees. UPQ will advise what fees will be applicable in the prelimery investigation stage.

Do I need to pay Infrastructure Charges?

Sometimes. As a general rule unless you are increasing the density (through additional housing or a subdivison) of an allotment you will not be required to pay infrastructure charges. The State has set a cap on the amount Council's can charge developers for Infrastructure Charges.

Is UPQ RiskSMART Accredited?

Yes. Jessica Reynolds BRTP(Hons) is accredited by Brisbane City Council as a RiskSMART Consultant.